Tree Art

Since I moved to a city where willow trees were growing along the riverbanks, my fascination for trees was born. Captivated by the huge variety of shapes and textures, I started to draw trees in an unique and highly detailed way. Currently residing on Vancouver Island, I have studied many trees in the forests and on the beaches.

Acrylic and conte on wood, 8 x 8 inch

Vortex, charcoal and conte, 22 x 16 inch

Chimaera, acrylic on canvas, 30 x 40 inch

Fillinger's Quarter Turn
charcoal and conte on paper, 48 x 32 inch

Trojan Horse
Charcoal and conte on wood, 11 x 14 inch

Gatekeeper at Christensen's Point
charcoal and conte on paper, 36 x 48 inch

Salmonide II
charcoal, conte and acrylic on wood, 8 x 8 inch