I love painting murals. It is really exciting and enjoyable to work together with the commissioner. Every job is different. My goal is to translate the idea of the customer into a piece of art which is in harmony with the interior/exterior of the building or object. Painting on location gives me an opportunity to meet people, receive instant feedback and learn a lot about a different workfield. An outdoor project is sometimes challenging because of the weather and/or traffic, but very rewarding. The reactions of people where the mural is installed are most satisfying for me!

My latest commission is the mural at the Nanaimo Airport:

The adventure between arrival and departure
Nanaimo Airport

Other examples of previous mural commissions:

Revealing of mural project in Wageningen
The history of Wageningen is depicted on two bridges between two appartmentbuildings

 Detail of this mural project in Wageningen: Early map from Middle Ages

Indoor skiing at Sports centre in Dordrecht, Netherlands

Roman bathing scene, showroom Sanas for luxury baths, Apeldoorn, Netherlands

Street in Prague, trompe l'oeil, private client